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Every child is a different type of FLOWER, and all together, make this world a beautiful GARDEN.

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"Even a 1,000-mile journey starts with a single step" Lao Tzu




The Art of Wisdom feels the two greatest words in our world are ‘Intention’ and ‘Connection’ This is why we follow the Tao Te Ching philosophy closely we take the lessons from the Tao and apply them to our school’s philosophy. As a child advocate it is extremely important that our school facilitates compassionate and loving, inspiring a cooperative nonviolent and joyful environment. Our school offers a humanistic, constructiveness, and mindful program for the "whole child," inspired not only by the Tao Te Ching, but also by other forward-thinking philosophers, including Eckhart Tolle and Mahatma Gandhi who encourages us to ‘question everything. And drawing on principles from our ultimate inspirational leader Jesus Christ. Jesus is our greatest Leader of mindfulness and peace specifically when listening to the teachings of ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ he expresses how we should look to nature to see how effortlessly life can be if we just pay attention.


Our school is community based, offering not only nursery and preschool but also after school art classes, summer and winter camp and other community based programs including adult classes. Wherever you go, it is the staff that makes a school what it is.  The staff at The Art of Wisdom are all grounded in the same philosophy — that of nonviolent communication, and mindfulness.  


We follow the most current practices in Early Childhood Education: we embrace and nurture the ‘Whole Child,’ and allow each child to learn at his or her own pace.  We believe an environment that provides children with the elements listed above is best suited for every child.  Any person feels good in an environment that empowers them. Most importantly, we believe that each child is born with at least one special gift, and as teachers it is our job to recognize that gift and help the child to hone in and develop their gift as it emerges. Entering the child’s world right where they are and making learning exciting and fun.


Our curriculum is Art based encouraging our children to explore the many mediums that art has to offer we have also found that through art children open up. Our school makes beautiful unique pieces of art from recycled trash not only teaching the child to be conscious of the world we live in, but always encouraging the child’s imagination and showing them that you can create from anything and the first steps of creation always begins with a thought. Our program includes music so our children can embrace their inner soul and express their joy for life through dancing, singing and instruments. Our curriculum includes gardening so our children can learn about the cycle of nature. Our school makes salt dough from scratch, creating the whole alphabet. We believe that every moment is a lesson so we are always fully aware of the words we use and the energy we bring to the classroom. To sum it up we teach our children that we never touch anyone so lightly that we don’t leave a trace.


Our school teaches our children about karma and the consequences that result from karma, every action has a reaction. That when you hurt someone you also hurt yourself, but when your kind to someone that kindness comes back one hundred-fold.