Fostering Growth Through Helping Others

What is Heart to Art?

Heart to Art is a youth group that follows The Art of Wisdom's mindful community based philosophy. The members will learn and develop through individual and group art projects, by applying the joy of art to help others. Heart to Art members will make connections by working collaboratively and thinking creatively, to give back to the greater East Quogue community. The group will learn through the many benefits of art including the importance and joy of giving back, and will realize that this is a way of life. 

Who Can Join?

We are looking for seven 7th to 12th graders to get involved in our community youth program called Heart to Art. Each potential member must apply and demonstrate a strong commitment to attend each meeting, and fully participate in the projects that the group selects. While they will receive guidance by the Heart to Art program director, each group will ultimately plan and execute their art based community service project after approval from the center. They will learn project management, research, and team building skills. The group will be responsible for discussing each members role and delegating assigned tasks among each other. We keep our groups limited to 7 members so that all facets of the project can be put to a vote. Each member will sign a promissory note to commit to their role within the group, and complete their assigned tasks. Their assigned adult group guide will assist with when needed and intervene when necessary to facilitate the smooth execution of the group project.   

What's The Catch?

No catch! Heart to Art is a completely free program. Heart to Art members are the aspiring leaders of TAOW, and of East Quogue community. This small group will be organizing programs, projects, and events, ideally for the children of our community. However, any idea the chosen group would like to execute for the betterment of our community through art will be considered! The Heart to Art program is a commitment and so the group will participate at least 3 hours a week, and it will be considered community service/volunteer hours. Therefore, members must apply to be a part of the program. Follow the link to apply today!